Welcome to Can-Jämt – A World-Class Accordion Festival!

  • Artists from Canada, Jämtland, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the outside world!
  • Concerts and Dance Friday and Saturday in Laxvikens stately Community Hall and at Sågbacken, on the shore of beautiful Lake Hotagen
  • Technical Workshops on Chromatic Accordion, Piano Accordion and Diatonic Accordion
  • Musicians’ Cavalcade by horse and wagon on Saturday morning
  • Church concert and Group Play-Along on Sunday
  • Impromptu jam sessions all weekend in the camping areas
  • Camping spots with and without electricity at the Community Hall and near Sågbacken on the lake
  • Cabins and Suites within 5 kilometers
  • Hotel rooms available at the new hotel in Storåbränna (20 km)
  • Continuous lunch service at the Community Hall
  • “Loggers’ Pancakes” (kolbulle) prepared and served outdoors at the open-air dance pavilion at Sågbacken